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Social Events


Welcome Reception

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The Welcome Reception will take place in Kedelhallen, Nordkraft on Tuesday, June 30 from 18:30 to 20:30. Light meals (tapas) and various drinks are served. This is a great opportunity to network with colleagues old and new.

Nordkraft, which used to be a coal-fired power plant, is the central culture house in Aalborg and includes a theatre, a music venue, a cinema, a sports center and much more. For instance, you can find Skråen – the most popular music venue in Aalborg – which presents great concerts and stand-up shows throughout the year.


Gala Dinner

Robbers’ Banquet, Wednesday, 1 July

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The Forest of Rold, being the largest forest area in Denmark, sets the perfect frame for a night of networking, competing and dining in an informal and relaxed setting at the Robbers’ Camp.

The atmosphere of the past is recreated when resurrecting the Robbers from Rold in order to make a thrilling and unique event with a touch of local Danish history.

For centuries, this area was known as a dubious place for ordinary people to be. In the dark, the Rold Robbers would make their move and attack people who, for one reason or the other, had to pass through the forest, it being the only way to get from North to South at that time being. Nowadays, however, it is all fun and games.

Coaches will take the participants on a short 30-minute drive to the entrance of Rebild National Park. Here robbers dressed in authentic costumes will greet the participants and walk them through the forest simulating along the way a friendly attack.

Arriving at the Robbers’ Camp, an exquisite dinner is awaiting under the magnificent treetops. In the course of the evening, robber stories, competitions and entertainment will keep the participants intrigued and make the evening unforgettable! In this informal and relaxed atmosphere, the participants will have the perfect opportunity to experience local folklore and gain a unique and memorable experience.

The dress code of the evening is warm, informal/outdoor/casual and flat shoes are highly recommended!


Spouses Programme

City Walk: Guided walk in Aalborg, Wednesday 1 July, 10:00 -12:00

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We start this tour at 10:00 where we meet our guide in Musikkens Hus (House of Music) at the main entrance towards the Limfjord.

The tour will take you through the streets of Aalborg where you will experience history mixed with the 21st century at close range. We will walk through the old Aalborg with renaissance mansions, a baroque style Old Town Hall and shady dungeons, as well as a modern waterfront with a clean Scandinavian feel and not least architecture from world-renowned architects, among them Jørn Utzon, the architect behind the iconic Sydney Opera House. In Aalborg, he designed the Utzon Center, which is located right by the waterfront. The Utzon Center was the last building Jørn Utzon, who grew up in Aalborg, designed. Also located by the waterfront is Musikkens Hus, or the “House of Music”, which offers a variety of musical experiences to the inhabitants of Aalborg every year.

The tour will continue to history-rich Hjelmerstald, an old, picture-perfect street located right in the heart of Aalborg. The cobble stone street was created in the late 1600’s, and the small, colorful houses lining the street are between 200 and 300 years old. Additionally, in the summer, colorful hollyhocks line the street. The street as a whole creates a well-rounded image of what cities looked like back in the 1600’s. Today families inhabit all the houses, however back in the day, they used to be homes, shops, workshops, pubs and so on.


Harbour Trip,  Thursday, 2 July, 10:00

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Experience Aalborg’s beautiful and modern waterfront with its many architectural gems, as well as Nørresundby’s charming boardwalk, when MS Kysten sets sails and takes you up and down the Limfjord. The trip includes sailing under both the Limfjord Bridge as well as the new Culture Bridge, as well as a trip all the way out to the small island Egholm in the west and the Limfjord tunnel in the east.

The guests will get an overall impression of the fantastic urban development of the entire harbour environment, which has been happening over the last couple of years at record speed on both sides of the Limfjord.

MS Kysten is an old wooden ship that was built in 1940 and has been used for many different purposes – for example, it has “served its military duty” by being a former military ship.

Departure from the waterfront at the House of Music.