Student Registration Award

Congratulation to Student Registration Award Winners

Due to their high-quality papers, the following students have won the COMPEL 2020 Student Registration Award. The winners will get their registration reimbursed.

Winner Title
Christian Winter Determination of Power Loop Inductance for High-Current PCB-Based Half-Bridge Circuits
Peter Renz Dynamic Modeling and Control of a Resonant Switched Capacitor Converter with Switch Conductance Regulation
Shiyuan Fan Arm Phase-shift Conducting Modulation for an Enhanced Alternate Arm Converter with DC Fault Ride-Through Capability
Chang Liu Design of Matching Network in High Frequency Converter Considering Flexible Aircore Inductor Effect
Jianglin Zhu 48 V-to-1 V Transformerless Stacked Active Bridge Converters with Merged Regulation Stages
Rafael Chagas Finite Element Method Analysis of a Three-medium Submarine Ground Return Impedance at Varying Depth
Haoran Li MagNet: A Machine Learning Framework for Magnetic Core Loss Modeling
Danish Shahzad Power Factor Enhancement of a Soft-Switched Common-Neutral Single-DC-Bus Power Converter
Zitao Liao Power Harmonic Elimination Technique for Using Non-linear Ceramic Capacitors under Large Voltage Swings for Single-Phase Active Power Decoupling
Andrew Foote Fourier Analysis Method for Wireless Power Transfer Coil Design