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Travel to Aalborg (Map)

Flight travel

Beautifully situated in Northern Denmark, Aalborg is well connected in several ways. Visitors from abroad will usually either connect through one of the four daily 75-minute flights directly from Amsterdam Schiphol operated by KLM, connected to 260 destinations worldwide. Besides connecting through Amsterdam, international visitors can fly to Aalborg via Copenhagen Airport which has a virtual air bridge to Aalborg with more than 30 daily connections and a flight time of only 35 minutes.

Moreover, Norwegian and Ryan Air operate a route to/from London. And for the Scandinavian visitors, SAS and British Airways connect Oslo, Norway with Aalborg 5-6 days weekly.

For further information about flights to and from Aalborg see Aalborg Airport’s website: Aalborg Airport.





British Airways


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After arrival

The taxi rank is right outside Aalborg Airport and a taxi will take you directly to your hotel. Dial +45 48 48 48 48 to call a taxi if needed. The price for a taxi ride is approximately 24-40 Euro, depending on hotel destination. Most credit cards are accepted.

Bus – going to/from Aalborg or around in the city
From Aalborg Airport you are only 10 minutes away from the city centre by bus. When you exit the airport building using the revolving doors at the check-in area, you will find the buses going to downtown Aalborg on your right hand side.

The buses with the following numbers and final destinations will take you to Aalborg’s bus terminal, which is centrally located (with multiple stops along the way):

The yellow bus (number plus final destination)

  • 12 – University, leaves from the airport several times per hour and takes you to the city centre.

The grey regional buses (number plus final destination)

  • 70 – Aalborg Busterminal
  • 71 – Aalborg Busterminal
  • 200 – Aalborg Busterminal

A ticket to Aalborg or a ticket around the city generally costs 3 Euro per person (22 DKK), cash only. Neither foreign currency nor credit cards are accepted. However, you can withdraw cash from ATMs at the airport or you can book your ticket online in advance on

Returning to the airport

If you choose to take the bus back to the airport, you have the following bus options:

The yellow bus (number plus final destination)

  • 12 – Aabybro

The grey regional buses (number plus final destination)

  • 70 – Thisted Busterminal
  • 71 – Hjørring Busterminal
  • 200 – Blokhus

For more information on buses, dial +45 98 11 11 11 (the call center of the public bus authority), or you can plan your travel you can also use or Rejseplanen.