Tutorial Speakers

Tutorial #2

Christian Frank Flytkjær

Head of the department Grid Analysis, Energinet the Danish transmission system operator, Denmark

Łukasz Hubert Kocewiak

R&D manager and lead power system engineer, Ørsted Offshore, Denmark

Transmission Level Harmonics and Converter Stability in Modern Power Systems

Part 1 – The tutorial “Transmission level harmonics in modern power systems” will present a broad overview of power system harmonic problems in a modern power system, methods of analysing, transmission level measuring and effectively mitigating. Focus of the tutorial is on transmission level modellering with special focus on high voltage power cables dominated power systems and the potential negative effects of harmonic amplification. The tutorial will give a common understanding of the issues and how to address then in practical design cases. Different modelling techniques are presented and advantages and disadvantages discussed. Lastly, a discussion of issues related to transmission level measurement of harmonics is given.

Part 2 – The tutorial “Converter stability in modern power systems” will presents the overview, current status and outline of the multi-frequency stability of converter-based modern power systems. It will address, inter alia, definitions, a state-of-the-art review, and aspects of modelling and analysis methods regarding converter stability in power systems. The tutorial will aim to describe the phenomena, harmonize definitions and explain available methods for analyses with their advantages and disadvantages as well as to provide a common understanding on modelling, analysis, evaluation and mitigation techniques. Furthermore, guidelines on the general approach to such studies and the availability as well as choice of tools will be discussed.



Dr. Christian Frank Flytkjær holds BSc and MSc degrees as well as the PhD-degree in electrical engineering from Aalborg University. Currently he is with Energinet the Danish transmission system operator working as head of the department Grid Analysis; a department responsible for all power system studies conducted for the safe and reliable operation of the Danish power system.  Prior Christian was working as a chief Grid Analysis also with Energinet responsible for harmonics and transient studies conducted in-house. He I an author of many scientific publications and is working epically within CIGRE latest as the task force leader for a reference paper on power quality.





Dr. Łukasz Hubert Kocewiak holds BSc and MSc degrees in electrical engineering from Warsaw University of Technology as well as PhD degree from Aalborg University. Currently he is with Ørsted Offshore and is working as an R&D manager and lead power system engineer on development of electrical infrastructure in large offshore wind power plants. The main direction of his research is related to harmonics and nonlinear dynamics in power electronics and power systems especially focused on wind power generation units. He is the author/co-author of more than 80 publications. He is a member of various working groups / activities within Cigré, IEEE, IEC.

Tutorial Speakers

T1: Toshihisa Shimizu; “Passive components for advancement of Power Electronics”

T2: Christian Frank Flytkjær and Łukasz Hubert Kocewiak; “Transmission level harmonics and converter stability in modern power systems”

T3:David J. Perreault,Alex J. Hanson, and Charles R. Sullivan; “Modeling and Analysis of Magnetic Components”